The Marsan Real Estate Group

Marsan Real Estate Group became active in the real estate sector since 1982, in Montreal, Canada. It began its activities by building houses for the niche clientele of first time buyers. Thereafter, it proceeded in specializing in the building of luxury houses.

The company was formed in Florida in 1994, establishing itself in “strategic” locations reaching a flourishing segment of the population, whereby it could continue to offer a variety of real estate products; Starter Homes, Investment Properties, Retirement Products and Real Estates Land Developments.

We are fully integrated real estate company, specializing in land acquisition & development, site construction, homes building, and land marketing and investment opportunities for individual investors.

Our focus for the years to come, will be to acquire and develop land, and to create the best communities and environments for the fastest growing segment of the population: the retirees.

We are a global enterprise with a presence around the world.

Our global footprint: North America, South America, Europe, Middle east, Asia.


For almost 35 years, the company has enjoyed a solid reputation, rapid and constant growth. The Marsan Real Estate Group has been able to take advantage of a very rapid expansion of the real estate market in Florida. In part, stimulated by several factors;

  • very low mortgage interest rates
  • many retiring baby boomers
  • a job market in excellent shape
  • expansion in Tourism
  • increased demand for investment property by foreigners including South America, Europe and Asia

Board and Management Team Members


JEAN MARSAN - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) | Chairman

At the beginning of the 1980s, Montreal real estate promoter Jean Marsan founded the Marsan Real Estate Group, which built hundreds of houses, in a variety of projects in the Montreal area. A decade later Jean Marsan decided to expand his business into the United States and he set up shop in Orlando Florida, in 1994. Today, at the head of the Marsan Real Estate Group, he is a highly experienced businessman who knows the real estate market in the region inside out, and who has been able to build an important network of contacts with the various stakeholders in the sector.

His clientele is mainly composed of middle-class and wealthy buyers from different markets around the world. What all these stakeholders have in common is an-depth knowledge of the real estate market, which makes them demanding investors looking for high-end constructions, while enjoying a good quality-price ratio.

All in all, his 35 years of experience in real estate and in-depth knowledge of the sector make him one of the most influential players in the region.

GLENN J. CHALKLEY - Head of Middle East | +971 55 789 1848

With 38 years of real estate experience Glenn has built up a wealth of knowledge covering residential, commercial, hospitality. Investment and development sectors of the International property market. The 80’s saw him establish a chain of London real estate broker offices which was eventually sold to a PLC.In the 90’s he assisted in creating one of London’s largest property letting and management companies partnering a major London Developer with a niche client base based in Asia that still exists today. Focusing on accommodation for the corporate sector clients include Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Shell and Disney.

     The early 2000’s led to a move to New York City working closely with the Marriott Execustay brand servicing corporate client requirements and building income producing real estate assets to sell to investor clients. Moving to Dubai in 2005 and working with the largest private Developer in the UAE he created a broker network in the Middle East second to none. With a niche concept and network created over the past 12 years he continues to advise International Property Developers who wish to market their investment opportunities throughout the GCC and Asia. He currently advises Developer clients with projects in London, New York City, and throughout Asia. In addition his clients throughout the GCC and Asia retain him for Commercial and Hospitality investment opportunities globally.

CAROLINE MARSAN - VP Acquisitions and Development

Graduated from the University of Central Florida’s molecular and cellular biology program in 2012. She was initially attracted by a scientific career, and then moved on to specialize in recruitment. Established in Dallas, Texas, Caroline sold computer equipment and managed major accounts for public sector clients such as hospitals, schools and government bodies. Her sales and marketing expertise had her developing the Asian market, which brought her considerable international experience. In collaboration with Lin Joy Jess, Caroline will assist buyers with their real estate acquisitions. Her talents as a communicator and her creativity make her a reliable business partner and a valuable collaborator.

Our Visionary Management Team


The real estate developer is in charge of the entire project, from design to the final touches. He finds the land where to build, contacts the relevant people to obtain the necessary confirmations or permissions for the development of infrastructures, and oversees the work of the engineers, evaluators, planners and architects to bring the project to fruition. He must be a good visionary to invest in one project rather than another, knowing that the land and the site will accrue in value.

Our Vision

Inspired by our clientele, consisting mainly of active people who are thinking of retiring, we are committed to offering the best by building luxury residential complexes in a splendid environment!


Complementing each other to perfection, these firms are able to carry out large-scale projects. We believe that infrastructure development is a source of strength for the community and for future generations who will settle in the region. We have mastered the art of building in harmony with the most beautiful landscapes of Florida and preserving the beauty of the environment.


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